What is 211?

If you have a question and need to know where to get the answer, 211 is for you.  Actually, 211 is for everyone.

  • Who do you ask for help in filling out legal forms besides a lawyer?  211 can help.  
  • Where do you go when looking for caregiver info?  211 can help.
  • Need to know who can help you write a resume; 211 can help.  
    You have questions, 211 can help get the answers.

211 can provide you with contact info for services & programs offered by local community groups, non-profits and government departments.  Some examples are:

  • emergency/disaster;
  • housing/shelter needs (all types);
  • child, youth & family;
  • continuing care;
  • food, clothing & furniture banks/support;
  • financial;
  • older adult services;
  • newcomer services;
  • health, mental health, & addiction services;
  • disability support and services;
  • transportation;
  • community and cultural services;
  • government/legal;
  • new immigrant programs;
  • support groups;
  • seasonal

You can just dial 211 from your phone or visit their website at http://ns.211.ca/homepage