Windsor Planning Department - Planning Staff

Devin Lake, Planner, is responsible for the overall operation of the Department, as well as providing professional planning advice to Council, the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC), and staff.  In particular, he advises Council on the preparation and review of planning documents, as well as any applications for development agreements or amendments to the  Windsor Municipal Planning Strategy Official Version July 12  or  Windsor Land Use Bylaw Official Version July 2012 .
Marcia Elliott, Development Officer, has responsibilities for administering the Windsor Land Use Bylaw Official Version July 2012   and  Town of Windsor Subdivision By-law , as well as answering inquiries on zoning and property information, interpretation of the by-laws and planning matters in general; and for issuing development permits as required by the land use by-law.
Rick Corkum provides building inspection services for construction projects within the Town.  A building permit is required for most construction projects, regardless of size.

Planning Dept. Contact Information

The Development & Planning Services Office is located at the Windsor Town Office, 100 King Street, 2nd Floor, Windsor, NS.  (W.B. Stephens Building).