Coyote Sightings in Windsor

Coyote Pic  There have been a few sightings of coyotes in the field between Wentworth Rd – Pazant Dr. and the Tregothic walking trail. Lands and Forests are aware and monitoring the activity. The nearby school is aware.

TIPS (as per Dept. of Lands and Forestry):

  • This coyote has been seen hunting mice/rats/moles in the field close to the hospital, once he catches a few critters he will keep coming back to area for the food;
  • If people see him or come close to him on the trail or area, make yourself known to him (i.e. make some noise, clap your hands and yell at him);
  • When coyotes are mousing or hunting for food they can become very focused on that and lose their attention of what’s around them so it may be easy to sneak up on him;
  • Anyone with dogs always wants to keep them on a leash. (Coyotes may not like other dogs in his area that he is getting food in; coyotes may see other animals as competition for his feeding area);
  • If possible travel in pairs not alone;
  • Do not throw away any food of feed him; this will make him lose his fear of humans;
  • If a coyote approaches you, don’t run away, this can cause him to chase you. You want to make yourself big and loud and walk away slowly.