Receive Your Utility Bill & Property Tax Bill Online with E-Post™

The Town of Windsor has teamed up with epost™ - Canada Post’s solution for electronic delivery of mail.  Along with your Town of Windsor utility bill and property tax bill you can now receive other bills and statements such as your assessment notice, phone, cable, credit cards and more – in one secure place, online.  
With epost, there’s one place, one login and one password.  No more dealing with multiple websites, usernames and passwords just to manage your bills online.  
With epost you can:
•    Set up automatic email and text reminders for when bills arrive or are due
•    View your bills at, then pay online with your bank
•    Access your bills anytime on any device with the free mobile app
•    Keep your bills safely stored for up to seven years
•    Be assured that your information is protected with bank grade security
Getting started with epost is easy.
1.    Visit to sign up for your free digital mailbox
2.    Have your latest paper bill ready; you will need your account number and the amount of your bill.  
3.    Register your bill by clicking on Add a New Bill or Statement

epost™ is a trademark of Canada Post Corporation.