Helpline Info

This is a province-wide telephone Helpline service offered by Feed Nova Scotia with partial funding from Department of Community Services. As you may be aware, Helpline is a telephone-based program that helps to strengthen families and communities by connecting people with resources and support.

The nature of the calls received through Helpline varies considerably, often relating to such issues as parenting, grief, self-harm, addictions, sexuality, domestic disputes, and food or shelter insecurity. As part of the provincial expansion, Feed Nova Scotia has placed particular emphasis on increasing its knowledge of community based services throughout the province, and strengthening its capacity in the area of parental support.  Helpline provides non-clinical, empathetic support and connects callers with the services that can best be of help to them. Any calls that require emergency intervention are referred to 911.

Helpline is available toll-free to all Nova Scotians by calling 1-877-521-1188.  The service has recently expanded to 15 hours per day, available 7 days a week from  8am  to 11pm.  It is hoped that Helpline will provide 24-hour coverage by the spring of 2011.