Meeting Minutes & Agendas

This section consists of meeting agendas & minutes that comprise of council appointment on various committees.  NOTE:  The Town tries to post agendas a couple of days prior to the meeting; however, sometimes changes and last minute items occur.  We will try our best to get the latest agendas posted.  Minutes are only posted once approved at the following meeting.  Members of the public are welcome to all meetings.


Committee of the Whole Minutes
Joint Council Agendas
Joint Council Minutes
PAC Meeting Agendas
PAC Meeting Minutes
Police Advisory Board Minutes
Police Advisory Board Agendas
Strategy and Policy Agendas
Strategy and Policy Minutes
Town Council Agendas
Town Council Minutes
Joint Fire Advisory Committee
Town Hall Meeting Minutes
Committee of the Whole Agendas
Public Information/Town Hall Meetings
Watershed Advisory Committee Agendas
Watershed Advisory Committee Minutes
Affordable Housing Committee
Waterfront Development Committee