Wanna Know the Goods about Town Meetings?  

All of our meetings are open to the public and listed on the "events calendar" of our website for the current month.  Agendas to the meetings are usually posted no later than the Friday BEFORE the scheduled meeting.  Sometimes meeting dates have to be changed but we do our best to ensure they're updated on our calendar.

Committee of the Whole (COTW) Meetings (Usually the 2nd Tuesday of each month)

These meetings are essentially the meat & potatoes of matters.  Committee members (essentially council with staff present) have in-depth discussions related to matters BEFORE making a committee recommendation.  Based on those discussions, staff may be directed to do further research, (that research may be brought forth at another COTW meeting or taken directly to the Town Council meeting).  Those recommendations are typically for "official" approval.

As well - typically public input & presentations are arranged to be given at this meeting (because as mentioned above, this is where most in-depth discussion (Q & As) occur). If you'd like to speak to a matter already on the agenda, please call the Clerk at 902-798-1355 no later than the day before the meeting.  If you'd like to give a presentation on a matter that you want added to the agenda, please call the Clerk at least two weeks before the scheduled meeting and have a copy of your presentation to the Clerk one week before your presentation.

Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) Meetings (Usually the 2nd Wednesday of each month)

Matters at this meeting relate to planning, land-use, and development.  This committee cannot make final decisions on matters, but rather, they make recommendations to be raised at the council meeting.

Strategy & Policy Committee Meetings (Usually the 3rd Tuesday of each month)

Matters at this meeting are typically just that, strategy & policy related and more often than not, relate to long-term thinking/planning.  This committee cannot make final decisions on matters, but rather, they make recommendations to be raised at the council meeting.

Town Council Meetings (aka Council meetings) (Usually the 4th Tuesday of each month)

As noted above, matters typically on the council meeting agenda were also on the COTW agenda and discussed more in-depth.  By the time those matters get to this meeting, the recommendation from COTW just needs official council approval  The Town Council meeting is also referred to as a business meeting and the only meeting where financial decisions can be made (although budget discussions are held at COTW).

In some cases, a special meeting of council may be called to deal with urgent matters (matters that may not necessarily be able to wait until the next scheduled meeting).

Other Committees

The Town also has other committees which meet.  Some every second month; others quarterly.  These committees include:

  • Police Advisory Board
  • Waterfront Development Committee
  • Watershed Advisory Committee
  • Affordable Housing Committee

Do you want to contact someone at the Town Office related to these agendas, get more information on items on the agendas, or perhaps be added to an agenda?
For Committee of the Whole, Strategy & Policy, Town Council - Contact the Clerk at 902-798-1355
For the Planning Advisory Committee, Police Advisory Board, Watershed Advisory, or Affordable Housing - Contact the Planning Dept. Administrative Assistant at 902-798-6689
For the Waterfront Development Committee - Contact the Recording Secretary at 902-798-6606