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Town of Windsor Municipal & School Board Elections 2016

 Candidate Information

Wanna learn about Windsor candidates in the upcoming Municipal Election?  Check out Your Windsor Municipal Election Candidates for more information.


Notice of Poll

Please visit our homepage for a list of candidates who are running in the Windsor 2016 Municipal Elections.  All school board offices have been acclaimed so Windsor will not be having school board elections.


** NEW INFO as of Aug. 31, 2016 ** Candidates & Potential Candidates - Training Re. Voter List Access

There will be candidate training on how to access the elector list in the e-voting system on Sept. 15th at 2pm at the Kentville Town Office, 354 Main Street, Kentville, NS.  

You may bring a pen, paper, laptop (whichever you choose for note-taking).  The training is expected to be about 90 minutes.  Should you not be able to make that, an online video shall be made available to assist you toward the end of September.  NOTE:  There will not be any other ‘in-person’ training sessions before the election, and resources will be limited (if at all) should you require assistance with the on-line tutorial.

It is highly recommended that you attend the in-person training on Sept. 15th.


Nominations Open for the 2016 Municipal & School Board Elections

Nominations will be accepted for the following offices in the Town of Windsor Elections to be held on October 15, 2016

•    Mayor
•    Four Councillors elected at large
•    One Annapolis Valley Regional School Board Member for the electoral district comprising the Town of Windsor and polling districts 7, 8, 9, & 10 of the Municipality of the District of West Hants
•    One African Nova Scotian Member for the Regional School Board for the entire school region
•    One Member of the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial for the electoral district of Greenwood comprising the Town of Windsor and all other municipal units in the counties of Annapolis and Kings, and the District of West Hants.


•    Mayor and Councillors
Office of the Returning Officer, Shelleena Thornton, Town of Windsor Office, 100 King St., Windsor, NS – (902) 798-1355

•    District Member of the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board
Office of the Returning Officer, Rhonda Brown, Munic. of the District of West Hants Office, 76 Morison Drive, Windsor, NS – (902) 798-6908
•    African Nova Scotian Member of the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board
Office of the Returning Officer, David Poole, Munic. of the County of Kings Office, 87 Cornwallis Street, Kentville, NS – (902) 698-9960

•    Member of Conseil scolaire acadien provincial
Office of the Returning Officer, Carolyn Young, Munic. of the County of Annapolis Office, 752 George St., Annapolis Royal, NS – (902) 532-3136

All nominations may be filed 9:00 am – 5:00 pm on Nomination Day, Tues., September 13, 2016 or by appointment in the five (5) business days preceding Nomination Day


** NEW INFO as of JUNE 10/16 ** School Board Candidate Information Sessions

The attached document is the schedule for the School Board Candidates Information Sessions 2016.  All sessions will be held from 6:30pm - 8:30pm School Boards Candidates Info Sessions June2016

Election Key Points:

  • TOWN OF WINDSOR MUNICIPAL & SCHOOL BOARD 2016 ELECTIONS CONTACTS:Municipal Elections Returning Officer, Shelleena Thornton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 902-798-1355;
    Municipal Elections Asst. Returning Officer, Janet Redden at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 902-798-6689;
    School Board Elections Returning Officer, Rhonda Brown at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 902-798-6908.

  • Election Day is Saturday, October 15, 2016
  • Advance Poll starts at NOON on Thursday, October 6, 2016 and continues right until election day 24/7 due to electronic voting.
  • Town of Windsor Municipal & School Board Elections will be done by Electronic Voting only (computer & telephone).  If you do not have either, polling stations will be set up to come & use.  This being said, Haliburton Place, Victoria Park Guest Home, and Dykeland Lodge Nursing Homes will be mobile polling stations that will use paper ballots.  These are the only three locations that will have paper ballots. 
  • Nomination Day is Tuesday, September 13, 2016.  A "Candidates Package" is available in separate links listed below or in hard-copy by contacting either RO Shelleena Thornton or ARO Janet Redden.  This package will contain a variety of detailed information every candidate should have & know.
  • Number of Eligible Voters 2,350 (as per 2012 Municipal Elections) *37.3% of eligible voters voted in the 2012 Municipal & School Board elections
  • Who is "Eligible to Vote?"
    - 18 years or older and a Canadian Citizen on the first advance poll day (Oct. 6, 2016);
    - be an ordinarily resident in the Province of NS for a period of 6 months before the first advance poll day (Oct. 6, 2016).  SO, must have lived in NS since April 5, 2016;
    - is ordinarily resident in the town of Windsor immediately before the first advance poll day (Oct. 5, 2016)
  • Who is not "Eligible to Vote?"
    - the Returning Officer
    - an inmate in a correctional or reform centre
    - a person convicted of bribery under the Municipal Elections Act in the six years preceding election day; and
    - NS does NOT have non-resident voting.  This means the municipal tax payers who are not ordinarily resident in the municipality are NOT entitled to vote in that municipality, despite the fact that they own property there, or their children attend school there.

Candidates Information Package for Municipal & School Board Elections 2016 - ALL links below are very important to candidates. 

Please continue to check back to the list for any *NEW* items that may be posted.  *New* documents will be 'flagged' with the word *NEW and the DATE* for easier reference.  As well, at the top of each form it references a "Section."  That "section" can be found in the Municpal Elections Act (the link is below).  As well, many of the forms have both "english" and "french."  So if you see just french, the following pages in that document will also have english (or vice versa).  This "candidate's package" is also available in hard-copy and can be picked up from either Shelleena or Janet at the Town Office if preferred.

** NEW (July 7, 2016) **  School Board Elections Candidate Guide June 13 2016 1

Election 2016 Contacts
Candidate's Electronic Voting Training
List of Electors Acceptance Letter
Municipal Elections Act 15Apr16
Election Signs Policy 2008
Candidate's Guide to Municipal and School Board Elections - 2016 FINAL Rev 3June16
05 Elections, Plebiscites and Public Meetings Bylaw
Form 3 Certificate in Respect ot Charges that are Liens Taxes
Form 11 Nomination Paper for Mayor or Councillor
Form 11A Nomination Paper for School Board Member
Form 11B Nomination Paper for Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial
Form 11C Nomination Paper for African Nova Scotian Member of Reg School Board
Form 12 Affidavit re Removal of Advertising Materials & Return of Lists of Electors
Form 12A Declaration of Candidate Withdrawing from Nomination
Form 15 Appointment of Agent
Form 16 Oath or Affirmation of Agent Representing Candidate
Form 17 Appointment of Official Agent
Form 17A Oath or Affirmation of Official Agent
Form 40 Candidate's Campaign Contributions Disclosure Stmt
Form 41 Association's Campaign Contributions Disclosure Stmt


Electronic Voting - General Information

Are you interested in the Who, What, When, Where, Why & How's of Electronic Voting? If so, then you'll want to read these E-Voting Questions & Answers for Municipal & School Board Elections.

inteliVote Systems Inc
Municipal & School Board Elections
Common Voter Questions and Answers for eVoting

1.    Who will get a Voter Instruction Letter with a PIN to vote in the election?

A.  All qualified electors on the official Municipal Elector's List provided by the municipality.

2.    What if my name is not on the Elector List?

A. Eligible electors who are not on the official Elector List will have to go to a location designated by the Election Official and complete the required form to have their name added to the Elector List. Once this is completed you will be given a PIN by the Election Official. The Intelivote system has the ability to provide enumeration, which includes producing the required legal documentation.

3.    When should I expect to receive my PIN in the mail?

A. Individual PINs will be mailed to eligible electors so that they are received approximately three (3) to five (5) days prior to the first voting day.

4.    What if I don’t get a PIN in the mail by Election Day?

A. If you are an eligible elector and on the official Elector List, but you did not get a PIN in the mail by the start of the election period, you can request a replacement PIN. If the Election Official’s records indicate you were sent a PIN in the mail then the original PIN will be disabled and cannot be used to cast a vote in the election. A replacement PIN will be issued to you if the original PIN has not been voted and you provide appropriate identification.

5.    Why would I not get a PIN in the mail?

A. If you didn’t get a PIN in the mail one of two things may have happened.  First, your name was not on the official Elector List. PINs are only mailed to electors whose names appear on the official Elector List as supplied by the municipality. Secondly, a PIN may have been mailed to you and it has been delayed for some reason in the mail system.

6.    Can anyone tell how I voted if they know my PIN?

A. No. The system does not track how a particular PIN has voted, only that the PIN has been used to cast a vote.

7.    Once I have my PIN, do I have to register in advance if I want to use either the telephone or the Internet to cast my vote?

A. No, there is no registration required. During the election period, using your PIN, you can use either the telephone or the Internet to cast your vote or vote using a paper ballot if this is offered by the municipality.

8.    What if I lose or misplace my PIN?

A. If an elector loses or misplaces their PIN they should contact the Voter HelpLine. The Election Official can decide to replace the missing PIN if it has not already been voted. They will determine if a voter has to travel to a location, sign a form, and then replace the missing PIN, or they can decide to allow the Voter HelpLine agent to authenticate the caller and issue a replacement PIN over the phone. In both cases, the original lost or missing PIN will be disabled and it will not be able to be voted in the election.  

9.    How do I access the voting system?

A. Voting instructions will be included in the Voter Instruction letter mailed to each eligible elector on the official Elector List. Included in this information are instructions on how to access the voting system. Voters can cast their ballot using the telephone or cell phone by calling a toll free number. Voters using personal computers will use the Internet to visit a website that will allow them entry into the voting system where they can cast their vote.

10.    Once I enter my PIN and start my voting process do I have to complete all the races on the ballot in one session?  For example, what if I am interrupted and have to hang up the phone for some reason or, if I am voting using the Internet and have to leave my session?

A. No, you do not have to vote all the races on your ballot at one time uninterrupted. You can disconnect from the Internet or the telephone and re-connect later, re-enter your PIN, and complete your voting activity at that time. In fact, if you find it more convenient, you can switch from one method to the other and complete your voting using the other method. For example, you can start your voting on the Internet and at some point close your Internet session, and then later re-start the voting process and re-enter your PIN using your phone or cell phone and complete your ballot.

11.    What happens if I access the voting system and am presented with incorrect candidates for my district or ward?

A. The list of candidates presented to you as a voter is determined by your place of residence as defined on the Elector List. If you have moved and your new address was not updated on the Elector List, (and your Voter Instruction letter and PIN were forwarded to your new address), then you will see the list of candidates associated with your old place of residence. You should call the Voter HelpLine and the Election Official will authenticate you and, if satisfied, can then electronically “re-categorize” the PIN. The correct list of candidates will be presented to you once you re-connect to the voting system.

12.    What do I do if I am not sure if I completed a race or the ballot?

A. During the voting period you can connect to the voting system and enter your PIN. If you have yet to complete all ballots assigned to you, the system will begin where you left off - at the next race you are eligible to complete. When you have completed voting all ballots assigned to you, entering your PIN online in the voting system during the voting period will display a message containing your vote status. This message will advise if you have completed voting. You can also contact the Voter HelpLine to get more information.

13.    If I am using the telephone to vote, how will I know what number to press to vote for the candidate of my choice or what if I make a mistake and select a different candidate than the one I want to vote for?

A.  The Voter Instruction letter mailed to you has the list of candidates included on it for your reference purpose.  In addition, each time the system presents you with a race to vote for; it lists the eligible candidates running for that position and instructs you to select the corresponding number for that candidate.
For example:
“To select Jane Doe – Press 1”
“To select Fred Dunn – Press 2”
“To select Joe Howe – Press 3”
Once you enter the corresponding number, the system will verify your selection with a statement, and ask you to confirm your selection.  
For example:
“You have selected Joe Howe. To confirm this selection, press the number sign (#) key now. Or to change your selection press zero (0) now.”
If you want to change your selection you would press zero (0) and make your change at this time.  It is only after you have confirmed your selection with the number sign key (#) that your vote for that candidate will be “dropped into the ballot box”. You will get a confirmation message once your vote has been deposited in the virtual ballot box.  
For example:
"Your selection has been recorded for Joe Howe."

14.    Once a vote has been confirmed, can it be changed?

A. No. Once a vote has been confirmed it cannot be changed. This process is the same as dropping the ballot into the ballot box in a traditional paper based election ensuring complete voter anonymity and secrecy of ballot. The system does not know how the ballot was voted; only that the PIN was used in the election to cast a vote and thus it cannot be removed from the vote count.

15.    How do I vote if I am away from home, out of town, out of the province, or out of the country?

A. You can vote during the election voting period using the Internet from anywhere in the world.  You can also use telephone service and connect to the voting system toll free from anywhere in North America simply by dialing the toll free number contained in your Voter Instruction letter.

16.    What if I have a rotary phone at home, no cell phone and don’t have a computer with Internet service.  How can I vote?

A. You do not have to vote from home. You can vote from any location using any phone with touch tone service or from any computer. You can also vote in person at polling stations if the municipality is offering PC’s and phones at these locations and/or paper ballots in concert with the electronic voting options. The location of the polling stations can be found in the Voter Instruction letters sent to eligible electors.

17.    If someone calls me and asks for my PIN, what should I do?

A. You should treat your voting PIN with the same level of secrecy and confidentially you reserve for your bank card and PIN. Do not give your PIN to anyone who may call or approach you for the number.

18.    What do I do if the phone line is busy when I call and try to vote?

A. If the phone lines are busy, simply hang up and call back a short time later. The voting system is capable of handling a significant volume of calls simultaneously but there is always the possibility that many voters are attempting to call in the same timeframe. Voters will be able to connect to the system over the course of a number of days during the voting period.

19.    Could someone steal my PIN and vote it?

A. Stealing and opening another person’s mail is illegal.  It is also illegal to represent yourself as another person and steal their right to vote in an election. Both these acts are illegal and have penalties defined by law.  

If you know someone has voted your PIN illegally you should report it to the Election Official. You can obtain a replacement PIN to cast your vote by presenting yourself to the Election Official and swearing an affidavit that the PIN assigned to you was not voted by you but by someone else.  

20.    If I am a voter with a disability; deafness, blindness, or a mobility disability, can someone help me with the voting process?

A. Electronic voting allows increased rights of privacy to voters with physical challenges that make traditional voting at polling stations more difficult. Blind voters can make use of the telephone and deaf voters can use the Internet to vote with little or no assistance required from others. If you need assistance at the polling station to cast your vote, the Election Official present will be able to assist you.

21.    Would it be possible for me to be sent more than one PIN?

A.  If you received more than one PIN it is because your name appeared on the Elector List more than once. This rare situation might occur if you changed your place of residence and have been enumerated in both locations or you own property and are the registered resident at both locations. You are only permitted to vote once in a municipality and you should only cast a vote using the PIN associated with your primary place of residence. Notify the Election Official of the additional PIN and they will disable this PIN rendering it unusable for the election.

If you have further questions please contact Returning Officer, Shelleena Thornton at 902-798-1355 or by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "Municipal Elections" in the subject line.