Nova Scotia's State of Emergency (COVID-19)

State of Emergency

The Province of Nova Scotia has declareed a province-wide state of emergency. As a community, this needs to be taken very seriously and we need to act now. 

In addition to the measures we have already taken with the closure of our municipal office and work sites to the public and changing our public meetings to be held virtually and streamed on Facebook, we are taking the highest duty of care to protect our residents and have closed ALL municipal parks, playgrounds, trails and beaches. If you go to one of these sites you will be considered to be trespassing and your vehicle can and will be towed by law enforcement. 

Only one member of your household should be doing errands such as getting groceries and shopping for essentials. Please do not go as a family and leave your children at home. 

Steps to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our residents and those throughout our Province will continue throughout this time and we appreciate your cooperation, patience and support. This situation continues to evolve and it's time for us to find ways to increase our social connectedness but respect physical distancing.

As stated by Nova Scotia's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Robert Strang, now is the time to practice the 3Cs – caring, sense of community and common sense. Let's all continue to check on and support one another through these times. 

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