Police Advisory Board

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Board Members 2015 - 2017(Top Row L-R) Citizen member Ken Swan, Deputy Mayor John Bregante, Citizen Member Mike McGlone, S/SGT Terry Quinn, (Bottow Row L-R) Citizen Member Anna Allen, Councillor Dave Seeley (Chair), and Councillor Laurie Murley.
(Ex-Officio members). Staff Members: S/Sgt. Terry Quinn (pictured in top row far right), RCMP; Louis Coutinho, CAO

The function of the Police Advisory Board is to provide advice to council in relation to the enforcement of law, the maintenance of law and order and the prevention of crime in the municipality, but the advisory board shall not exercise jurisdiction relating to complaints, discipline, personnel conduct or the internal management of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Sec. 68(1)

With the approval of the Minister, the council, by by-law , may prescribe

  • the additional or specific roles and responsibilities of an advisory board; and
  • the rules and regulations governing proceedings of an advisory board

and the advisory board has sole jurisdiction over matters so delegated to it. Sec. 68 (2)

Specific Functions of the Police Advisory Board

Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), an advisory board shall, subject to the police contract or policing agreement

  • determine, in consultation with the chief officer or the chief officer's designate, priorities, objectives and goals respecting police services;
  • ensure the chief officer establishes programs and strategies to implement the priorities, objectives and goals respecting police services;
  • ensure that community needs and values are reflected in policing priorities, objectives, goals, programs and strategies;
  • ensure that police services are delivered in a manner consistent with community values, needs and expectations;
  • act as a conduit between the community and the police department;

Code of Conduct

An advisory board member must

  • uphold the letter and spirit of the code of conduct set out in this section and discharge their duties in a manner that will inspire public confidence in the abilities and integrity of the advisory board;
  • unless they have a reasonable excuse, attend every advisory board meeting;
  • not interfere with the police department's operational decisions and responsibilities or with the day-to-day operation of the police department, including the recruitment and promotion of officers;
  • keep confidential any information disclosed or discussed at an advisory board meeting;
  • not claim to speak on behalf of the advisory board unless authorized by the chair of the advisory board to do so;
  • if publicly disagreeing with a decision of the advisory board, make it clear that they are expressing a personal opinion;
  • discharge their duties loyally, faithfully, impartially and according to the Act, any other Act and any regulation, rule or by-law;
  • discharge their duties in a manner that respects the dignity of individuals and is in accordance with the Human Rights Act and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Canada);
  • not use their position inappropriately to advance their interests or the interests of any person or organization with whom or with which they are associated;
  • immediately resign from the advisory board if applying for employment with a police department, including employment on contract or on fee for service;
  • refrain from engaging in professional or personal conduct that could discredit or compromise the integrity of the advisory board or the police department;
  • if their conduct or performance is the subject of investigation or inquiry, temporarily withdraw from all advisory board activities and duties as a member of the advisory board until the completion of the investigation or inquiry.
    Section 84 (1)

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