Windsor and West Hants sign Memorandum of Understanding

On Feb. 8, 2017 the Municipality of West Hants (WH) and the Town of Windsor announced that they have mutually entered into a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") . Windsor has agreed to suspend its application for amalgamation through the UARB process sending a positive and hopeful reply to its neighbors in West Hants.

The agreement between Windsor and WH outlines a framework for a new relationship that will see the two working cooperatively on shared areas of interest that will benefit all the citizens in their respective communities. The initial objectives are intended to focus on broad areas that will serve to improve access and use of resources, services and programs while generating maximum cost benefits for both municipal units.

Mayor Allen stated, "Our collective objective is to work towards a better outcome and eventual structural change that is meaningful to our citizens and community. The MOU demonstrates
willingness to work together for the good of our regional community. The Town believes that a strong partnership with West Hants is a better way to achieve the same goals."

Warden Abe Zebian commented, "We are very pleased to be able to reach this mutually beneficial agreement with our neighbors and friends in the Town of Windsor. Over the past two months we
have had discussions that served to encourage today's announcement. We look forward to a bright, cooperative and prosperous future for all the residents of our region."

Both Warden Zebian and Mayor Allen highlighted that the people of Windsor and West Hants place great value on their public services including the resources and services that are shared with each other. Both leaders expressed enthusiastic optimism about the future for the citizens of Windsor and West Hants.